SERVICIOS TECNICOS DE CANARIAS (STC) is a Spanish company from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria founded in 1987 to fill a gap within the specialized engineering field of water and energy.

Our activities, focused on R + D + I, promote the development, manufacture and trade of our own technologies. In addition, we support the search and application of other technologies so we can afford offering to our customers and general society technical advice and services up to the the highest level of demand. We endeavor "contributing to a healthier world".

STC owns CLODOS Technology®, world pioneer of the best available water disinfection technology, as well as other specific products for water treatment.

STC provides services related to the development of engineering and advisory projects for water treatment and industrial processes. Other technologies that complement its activity in the domestic and foreign markets provide added value.

STC manufactures and sells its own products for the national and international market, thus controlling the entire value chain.