Headquarters STC Canarias

Servicios Técnicos de Canarias S.L.U. (STC), after extensive research, it is pioneer in the development of a exclusive "Technology" for sanitising and disinfecting water that includes products for different uses in accordance with the EU Biocidal Products Directive.

CLODOS Technology® is A NEW, PIONEER AND REVOLUTIONARY GLOBAL CONCEPT IN DISINFECTION. NO LIMITS in terms of water and elements in contact with it.

The innovative nature of CLODOS Technology® lies in the fact that it provides a solution that poses no risk to health, is ecological and sustainable in terms of the environment and is relatively simple to apply.

CLODOS Technology® includes the commercial brands BIOCID TP®, AGRI DIS®, TERRA DIS® and CLODOS PURO®, which are registered internationally by STC for use in industry, in water for human consumption.

BIOCID TP® is a suite of commercial products aimed at solving water-related problems in industrial systems and in livestock and food facilities.

BIOCID TP® offers a solution to all types of problems in industry where effective disinfection is required WITHOUT GENERATING RESIDUES and trouble-free use and handling is required.

BIOCID TP® is less corrosive than water when used at the recommended dose and meets all the requirements established in the EU Biocidal Products Directive.