AGRI DIS® WI - Agricultural water disinfectant

AGRI DIS® WI is authorized to disinfect Water for use in Agriculture without known RESISTANT pathogens including: bacteria, fungi and viruses; on top of ovicide and larvicide effect. NO RESIDUES as doesn't react during disinfection phase hence not creating THM or other chlorinated by products. Due to these properties, NO SAFETY TIME is required and, at usage doses, taste, smell nor appearance are affected. Being an unsoluble molecule, product does not content CHLORINE radical anion. By water disinfection, our product stimulates a healthy and pathogen-free plant grownth. AGRI DIS® is authorized for human consumption water thus feasible for ECOLOGICALLY CERTIFIED ACTIVITIES.

Pure O2Cl solution at stable concentration


  • Stimulates healthy plant growth through disinfection.
  • Preventative maintenance of horticultural crops, fruit trees, flowers, all types of ornamental plants etc.
  • Controls the risk of bacteria, mould and water-borne diseases.
  • Effective control of nematodes, fusarium and other common agricultural pathogens during cultivation.
  • For disinfection and maintenance of pipes and equipment during cultivation.
  • For sanitising and disinfecting trays, seed trays, coconut fibre, planters and other substrates and tools in contact with plants or feed.
  • For sanitising fruits, vegetables and pre-prepared products when cleaning.
  • Biofilm and biofouling control.
  • Active substance is approved for use in water intended for human or animal consumption in accordance with standard EN 12671.
  • Can be applied at any time interval or growth stage.
  • Can be applied when irrigating or when applying sulphur. Systemic mode of action.

Undoubtedly the best disinfectant on the market. Specific technical recommendations should be followed before use.

Warning - Beware of Imitations. Stable O2Cl is not the same as stabilised O2Cl.

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-94394.

According to product type 2 of the European Biocides Regulation.