TERRA DIS® - Disinfectant for agricultural installations

TERRA DIS® offers AGRI DIS® WI solutions powered by a more intense and instantaneous action to tackle and/or fight existing or predictable problems in installations and agricultural and livestock systems. Therefore during application, NO CONTACT WITH PLANTS AND FOOD IS ADVISABLE. Eliminates and controls the biofilm and biofouling of pipes and equipment. With TERRA DIS® you can afford disinfection and inmediate use of the facilities as DOES NOT REQUIRE SAFETY TIMES whereas other disinfection products do.

Maximum concentration of aqueous Dioxygen Chloride solution.

Desinfect today - Plant out tomorrow with no safety period required.

  • For disinfecting agricultural land, soils and substrates WITHOUT plants.
  • For sanitising and disinfecting ponds, reservoirs, tanks and water that is NOT IN CONTACT with plants.
  • For sanitising and disinfecting surfaces, cold rooms, vehicles, machinery, containers etc., before they come into contact with plants or food.
  • Effective against nematodes, fusarium and other common pathogens in agricultural soils and substrates where prior shocking is carried out in the absence of plants.
  • Sanitisation and disinfection in plant nurseries when there are NO plants present and any other facility for agricultural or food use (drinks, dairy, packing, slaughterhouse companies, etc.)
  • Can be applied at any stage before sowing or planting.
  • Can be applied when irrigating, spraying or flooding.

Undoubtedly the best alternative to metam sodium and other products on the market.

Deware of imitations - ask for a product coposition certificate stable O2Cl is not the same as stablished O2Cl.

Agree with EN 12671 for drinking water.

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-68972.

According to product type 4 of the European Biocides Regulation.