For use against Legionella in Irrigation Systems in accordance with Spanish RD 865/2003 of 4 July.

Includes Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, sanitary hot water systems with storage tank and return circuits, climatised water systems where water is constantly agitated and recirculated through high speed jets or air injection and industrial humidifier plants such as installations in which the risk of legionella proliferation and transmission is high. It also establishes in which installations proliferation is less likely.

BIOCID TP® 11 LEG is the most effective oxidising biocide against legionella and both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that are typical of this type of system. BIOCID TP® 11 LEG improves heat transfer by reducing biological fouling. It reduces corrosion caused by the use of other oxidising products such as chlorine and eliminates or notably reduces odour and sludge produced by the growing population of micro-organisms.

BIOCID TP® 11 LEG eliminates biofilm and biofouling ensuring total disinfection.

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-70290.

Biocide registration with number 17-100-08799

According to product type 11 of the European Biocides Regulation.