Biocide for desinfection and sanitation of waste water. Supply as a ready for use or in situ generation (isg).

General conditions:

Doses are applied automatically or manually diluted in water.

General description:

CLODOS® WW is a biocide for desinfection and sanitation of waste water.

CLODOS® WW in the disinfection of waste water allows to control the characteristic problems in this type of water such as intestinal nematodes, E. coli, Enterococci and other microorganisms.

CLODOS® WW certified against Rotavirus and Coronavirus according to European standard EN 14476.

General conditions of use:

CLODOS® WW is a technical product and, therefore, a complete microbiological analysis is required to define the treatment to be implanted.

For more information ask our technical department.

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-94395.

Doesn't require registration of biocides in accordance with the second transitory provision of RD 1054/2002 for non-registrable biocides or generation in situ.