Authorised for use in water intended for human consumption.

Supplied in any type of container for direct use.

  • The most effective known disinfectant. Between 5 and 10 times more effective than hypochlorite.
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, larvae, spores, in addition to algae, biofilm and biofouling, without creating any type of resistance.
  • No free chlorine, no residue, no by-products (THM, HAA, etc.)
  • Leaves no odour, colour or taste in water or in the product in contact with it.
  • No risk of explosion and no generator required.
  • 100% effective in water pH range between 4 and 10.
  • Solution is extremely stable when handling and storage guidelines are observed.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Less corrosive than water when used at recommended dose.
  • Easy and safe to use. No additional investments.

STC guarantees the use of CLODOS PURO® in reverse osmosis desalination plants both for disinfection in the pre-treatment process and for use in lines with membranes without affecting these and without the need for prior neutralisation, meaning that in addition to treating the water the entire plant system is disinfected without the need for a subsequent chlorination process.

Agree with EN 12671 for drinking water.

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-68973.

According to product type 5 of the European Biocides Regulation.