Biocide with antimicrobial functions, used when corporal contact with the animals is required.

Biocide used for cleaning and disinfection, in veterinary uses, without contact with the animals.

Biocide used for disinfection surfaces or systems in contact with food (for persons or animals) in food processing industry.

Biocide used for drinking water for both, humans and animals and membranes of osmosis.

Biocide for specific treatment against Legionella.

Biocide for control and conservation of water and other liquids used in refrigeration systems and industrial processes, exempting specific treatment against Legionella, based on the control of harmful organisms as microbes, algae, mussels, etc.

For profesional applications in disinfection. Surfaces, equipment, utensils, pipes, containers, etc, rellated with the production, transport, and/or consumption food or drinks for humans and animals.

For professional applications, in agricultural disifection in contact with plants.

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