BIOCID TP® 3 VH (gis)


For veterinary sanitisation and disinfection where there is no contact with animals.

  1. BIOCID TP® 3 VH (gis) is used to sanitise and disinfect all types of surfaces and facilities where animals are housed, kept or transported (farms, fish farms, riding schools, vehicles, etc.), and to sanitise and disinfect materials and other general use utensils.
  2. BIOCID TP® 3 VH (gis) as it is used to disinfect animal facilities, walls, floors, stores, piping, troughs etc BIOCID TP® 3 VH (gis) removes all types of bacteria, germs, mites, fungi and parasites typically found in this type of environment and it also provides numerous advantages in terms of health and the subsequent development of the animals, with measurable financial benefits.
  3. BIOCID TP® 3 VH (gis) acts as a deodoriser, as it eliminates odour-generating bacteria.

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-70291.

According to product type 3 of the European Biocides Regulation.