BIOCID TP® 3 VH mamas (gis)


Antimicrobial functions when used in bodily contact with animals in veterinary hygiene.

Apply by spray, cloth or any other means that ensures maximum contact and has the desired sanitising or disinfecting effect. Cleaning the udders of the animals before and after milking with a solution of this product will reduce the risk of contraction or transmission of diseases such as MASTITIS.

The product acts as an ovicide and larvicide controlling the development of many parasites.

  1. BIOCID TP® 3 VH mamas (gis) is not accumulated and thus does not have any negative effect on animals when the correct dose is used.
  2. BIOCID TP® 3 VH mamas (gis) The product sanitises and disinfects the contact area.
  3. BIOCID TP® 3 VH mamas (gis) It does not effect the fat and moisture content of the skin. It leaves skin soft and flexible, accelerating the disinfection process and keeping the area sanitised thus reducing the risk of bacterial contamination

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-70292.

According to product type 3 of the European Biocides Regulation.