For disinfecting surfaces or systems in contact with food or feed in the food industry.

Using BIOCID TP® 4 FI in the disinfection of surfaces in general and adding it to the water used to clean equipment in particular and cleanings CIP, removes all types of pathogens that are typically found in these types of facilities and offers numerous advantages, with measurable financial benefits, as it eliminates as well algae, fouling and bio-fouling.

BIOCID TP® 4 FI does not transmit any odour or taste to the products it comes in contact with.

General conditions of use:

In many factories, floors, walls and equipments are washed when the factory is not in production, at break times, during shift change or product change or during system shutdown. In most cases, when using BIOCID TP® 4 FI, it is worth considering that a minimum level of active product residual in the washing water will reduce all types of pathogenic bacteria.

It is recommended that disinfection be carried out with one dose of BIOCID TP® 4 FI, checking the residual level that guarantees total disinfection usually without rinsing afterwards.

As the washing process is carried out "environmental diseases" like Salmonella, Alicylcobacillus and other pathogenic or decomposition organisms that proliferate in these types of facilities are controlled and reduced.

More BIOCID TP® 4 FI should be added to the cleaning water as the indicated level of active compound residual decreases, as this means that existing bacteria is being eliminated.

Can be applied by misting, spraying, immersing, mopping, wiping etc.

The disinfection CIP will be carried out by recirculating BIOCID through the circuits in contact with food.

Ask our technical team about recommended applications.

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-70293.

Biocide registration with number 16-20/40-08650-HA

According to product type 4 of the European Biocides Regulation.