The technology used by   and which is exclusive to STC, is a system of generation "in situ" of pure Dioxygen Chloride. This technology, which is instantaneous and totally safe, is free of the risks and residues that are usually found in the case of other commercial technologies on the market.

STC has developed the first global mobile unit to demonstrate this technology without generating THM or other waste in the disinfection process. The technology is used in drinking water, sewage water or other facilities that require the treatment of volumes of water. The process is economically unfeasible with activated and stable CLODOS Technology® products.

This mobile unit is aimed at making the decision of the engineers or technicians easier, enabling them to contrast quickly and without initial investment the advantages and efficiency of the technology for their processes. This eliminates risk and uncertainty when deciding to implement equipment which requires significant investment without previously being able to see the results, as is the case with other systems currently on the market.