Electrical Degreaser STC DC-10 ELECTRICO

Product description

STC DC-10 ELECTRICO is a electrical degreaser based on paraffinic solvents, specially indicated to be used in cold by immersion, spray, brush, etc. In electrical systems and installations.


  • Degreasing of any type of iron material, light alloys and copper
  • Dirt removal of equipment, motors and electrical appliances
  • Degreasing prior to oily anticorrosive protection, painting application process, enameling
  • Especially recommended for the degreasing of car bodies previously painted

Benefits / Advantages

  • STC DC-10 ELECTRICO applies and acts at room temperature and with short treatment times and decreasing the costs of degreasing per m2.
  • By its nature solvent STC DC-10 ELECTRICO is suitable for all metals
  • Non-chlorinated product. It presents as advantage over the conventional trichlorethylene and perchloroethylene its low viscosity
  • Due to its flash point above 61 °C, special treatment as a flammable product is not necessary
  • High wetting power and therefore degreasing

How to use

STC DC-10 ELECTRICO is used purely by any of the methods normally employed: immersion, spray, brush. Can not be used in vapor phase.