STC RO 710 F antiscalant is a solution of an organic phosphonate and is highly effective in controlling the deposition on inorganic scale forming salts.

The main features of STC RO 710 F are:

  • Effective over a wide pH range.
  • Excellent control of carbonate and sulphate scales for cost effective operation.
  • Will not adversely interact with polymeric coagulant aids.
  • Compatible with all major membranes.
  • Liquid product, safe and simple to handle.

STC RO 710 F is not affected by clorine or other oxidising biocides under normal conditions of use. STC RO 710 F may be used in membrane systems using chlorine and sodium metabisulfite.

The usage of this product provides longer run times and extended membrane element life, resulting in reduced operating and capital costs.