For disinfecting and sanitising surfaces and facilities in public, professional or private healthcare settings where there is no contact with food or with people or animals. Disinfection of wastewater and reused water. 

Ready for use and "in situ generation".

General conditions:

Doses are applied automatically or manually diluted in water.

General description:

Using BIOCID TP® 2 SD, in the disinfection of surfaces in general and adding it to the water used to clean equipment in particular, removes all types of pathogens that are typically found in these types of facilities.

General conditions of use:

Floors, walls and equipment are washed when the factory is not in production when using BIOCID TP® 2 SD, it is worth considering that a minimum level of active product residual in the washing water will reduce all types of pathogenic bacteria.

Cleaning should commence, dosing with BIOCID TP® 2 SD and checking residual levels to ensure total disinfection. For more information ask our technical department.

Registered at BAUA (Germany) N-68975.

According to product type 2 of the European Biocides Regulation.